We were asked to undertake Damp and Rot Treatments at Touchie Farm House in Kinross.

Client Tiso.  Tiso.com

We visited the property with out Team ready to get on with the job we exposed the affected area and quickly established that there was a problem with Rising/penetrating Dampness and wet rot affected built in bonding timbers.

A Price was quickly agreed to do the required works and we speedily set out to undertake the works. We removed all the wet rot affected timbers and treated the exposed stoneworks with masonry Bioside we drilled and installed a new Damp Proof Course and fitted the walls with Newton Membrane the job was completed on time and on Budget.

We did get hit with some heavy snow though and we though Summer was on its way. Touchie Farm House is a wonderful property perched high up in the hills and the views were spectacular and so was the carved sculptures of a spaceman made out of solid wood done by a local Artist using a chainsaw check out the pictures.