We have had many occasions where a client has contacted us to enquire if we can resolve issues on the home report where number 3s and 2s have been put on the report by the Valuation Surveyor.

This can not only cause a sale to fall through in some instances Lenders will not lend with these numbers on the survey report. We have solved these issues on many occasions so if you get a 3 marked on your report under the Damp and Timber Specialist section contact us .

We will send a Qualified Timber Specialist Surveyor to look at the problems highlighted on the report we can assess what needs to be done to cure the defect and issue a certificate confirming the problem has been resolved.

We contact the surveyor to confirm what has been done and forward him copies of the certificates allowing the Surveyor to reduce the 3 on the home report to a 1.

We are happy to carry out surveys in the evenings and weekends to avoid you taking time of work.

As well as our Home Report Repair service we offer a complete all trades service to prepare a property for the Market should Guarantees be required for works undertaken by a company no longer trading then Subject to Survey of the property we can issue a fresh report to cover the treatments and issue a fresh Guarantee.

Each property is different so our fees for this service are variable for more information on this unique service please contact us to discuss.

Here is an example of a Home Report with sections all shown as good and marked as a category 1, if you get a category 3 marked at the Dampness Section contact us we can help.

Sample Home Buyers Report