Kingston Preservation are specialists in under pavement cellar conversions in Edinburgh’s New Town. These cellars were originally designed for storage of wine and food however over the years as the pavements and streets have been uplifted the original water proof seals have deteriorated or been punctured and broken allowing water to penetrate the building fabric of these vaulted cellars and making them unusable.

We have developed our own method to waterproof these vaulted cellars and transforming them into dry storage space in some instances they can be fitted out as laundry/utility rooms with sinks washing machines and tumble driers fitted we can fit lights and electricity power sockets and even knock out the dividing walls to create larger areas to use.

We have several methods to upgrade these vaulted cellars and it all depends on the budget and as to what you require the cellars to be used for we can simply do a basic waterproofing of the cellar using cavity membranes and a timber floor and new door or we can waterproof the cellar and frame the walls and ceilings insulate and plasterboard and finish with decoration and lights and electrical power socket the doors are custom made on site and are sealed with undercoat and painted once fitted.

We are turning useless damp space into dry storage areas which can add value onto the property indeed we carry out many of these projects for property developers during the renovation process of the main building.

Take a look at our case studies pages we have several examples of jobs we have done on Edinburgh under pavement cellars should you require a survey and quotation for this work please contact our office.