Waterproofing of Cellar at Spitfire Bar Bistro in  Dublin Street Edinburgh.

Client. The Hanging Bat Team.  Hanging Bat Team.

We were asked to undertake the waterproofing of the Wine Cellar at the Spitfire Bar and Restaurant which was being renovated and was due to open just before Christmas 2014.

We only had a very short window to undertake these essential works which were required in order for the Bar to open due to Kitchen Hygiene Rules the existing cellar was very damp and was dripping water like it was raining whenever it rained.

Our team offered to work the Saturday and Sunday only a few days before Christmas we completed the job on time and on Budget the bar was completed at 8pm at night on the day before it was due to open.

We used the John Newton Newlathe system with sealed waterproof plugs all joints and seams with over seal waterproof tape and finished with a heatgun to seal the system the water was diverted into drainage points in the existing solid floor.

They opened that night and sent a tweet out to confirm it was now open and the Bar was mobbed within an hour and a good night was had by all.