Repair of defective underfloor pipe Drumdryan Street Edinburgh.

This was an unusual puzzle to sole 4 plumbers had attended this leakage and all had failed to fix the problem in desperation one of our Letting Management contacts asked us if we could help out.

So we attended and uplifted the floors below the washing machine and then carefully removed the shower tray and cubicle we gained access into the flat below and when we were running all the taps upstairs there was no leak to be found.

Puzzled with this so we checked every joint and could find no leak we put everything back carefully ensuring every seal was water tight ran the shower and put the washing machine on but no leak.

We finally established that the leaks always started in the morning so the only thing left was that it was after the tenant had a shower in the morning the leak would happen.

We ran the shower again but no leak the last option we had was to re create the factors as to exactly the same circumstances as when the leak was happening each morning.

We asked the tenant to have a shower so her weight was on the shower tray she agreed and we departed the flat and returned half an hour later to check we looked downstairs first and sure enough there it was drip drip drip a leak.

We went back upstairs and uplifted the floors we used our television Borescope to check below the shower tray it was okay however we found the leak was a waste pipe leading from the base of the shower tray that when pressure was put on it by standing on the plastic shower tray it moved enough to break a seal causing the leak.

We secured the pipe fixed the leak and departed problem solved to clients satisfaction we carry out maintenance jobs like this for many clients including Property Managers Letting Agents and Commercial Property Portfolio Companies.

We have the experience skill and patience to identify and solve many different maintenance issues contact us if these type of problems happen in the properties you manage or private owner occupiers we are delighted to help.

And we work 7 days per week till 8pm in the Evenings.