Edinburgh Damp Proofing

We get asked a lot at surveys how do we go about doing a damp proof course, this can be hard to explain so i generally keep pictures on my phone of current jobs and show customers pictures of jobs currently live.

See attached some pictures of a Damp Proof Course during work in progress the procedure is as follows.

  1. Put protection on floors and over furniture.
  2. Remove wall plaster to affected areas normally 1 metre high.
  3. Drill and install the new Dry Zone Damp Proof course.
  4. Install the Delta PT Membranes.
  5. Adhere plasterboard to the membranes.
  6. Skim coat finish with plaster.
  7. Remove protection and tidy job.

Once the job is complete you can normally decorate after one weeks drying time, this can only work if membranes are applied do not be fooled by renovation plasters or other so called super plasters/sand and cement these systems are doomed to the dinosaur times and will be cheaper but come back to haunt you.