Cellar Dig Outs

Our under street cellar renovation teams are very busy at the moment currently we are working on cellars at Regent Terrace 4 number, Manor Place 3 number, Nelson Street 2 number, Ainslie Place 2 number, Northumberland Street 1 Number, St Colmbe Sreet 5 Number, Douglas Crescent 1 number, Moray Place 1 Number, Eaton Terrace 2 Number, India Street 3 Number, and a Basement waterproof System at Northumberland Street and another basement in a shop in the High Street of Portobello all these jobs are due to complete i the next 6 weeks.

Thats 24 cellars and 2 Basements we have never been so busy, recently we have found customers are asking more and more for the cellars to be dug out to create extra head height this is done manually by our dig out team, the results are amazing the additional space really makes a difference to the feel of the cellar once complete ( see attache pictures o dig out in progress )

The dig outs are all done manually and are hand bagged and removed to skips the most we have dug down a cellar is 1 metre although most dig outs are around 12 inches which is normally enough to create the required space.