We carried out extensive under pavement waterproofing works to Monteiths Bistro in the High Street Edinburgh.

The works were extremely complex as the Bistro was converted from a giant under pavement Vault which was extremely porous water was streaming in through the vaulted ceiling at initial survey.

Working together with KBA+D | KB Architecture & Design  KBA=D Deisgn

We designed a specification of waterproofing that allowed the water to enter the building fabric we utilized cavity membranes to gather this water and we channeled the water into a newly formed sump pit we created which was then fitted with 2 high poured sump pumps which pumped the water into the drainage system once connecte

The system was fitted with waterproof fixings which allowed screws to be fitted into them this allowed for the waterproofed areas to be dry lined and dry wall plasterboard was fitted to the system.

This was a tricky job as the areas involved were over 200 metres squared we allowed a 10 day window upon completion to test the system prior to applying the Dry Wall plasterboard.

Another job done on time and on Budget to our clients approval.