Water Damage Repairs to a Recently Developed Flat Kirk Street Edinburgh.

Client Glenham Property Edinburgh. Glenham Property

We were asked to survey and quote for Damp works to a flat in Kirk Street by a Property Management Company the story behind the flat was complicated in that it had been left in a will to the Son who stayed in Australia.

The flat had been cleared out and new kitchen bathrooms central heating and floor coverings fitted however when the Home Report was done dampness was highlighted by the Valuation Surveyor who marked up the report as a 3 which was putting of prospective purchasers.

A Quote was obtained by another specialist company for just under 10k to strip every wall in the flat and put in a new DPC And new plasterwork this would have been a disaster for the owner so we were asked to see if we could do anything to help.

We carefully tested every wall in the house for dampness and surveyed the property externally and internally we identified an external downpipe to the front elevation had a missing drain plate at the bottom so when it rained water would pour out the pipe and run down the path and into the property via an external sub floor air vent this was causing the dampness to the front elevation of the property.

The other area we noted dampness was just inside the front door of the flat was a lathe and plaster wall outside the toilet where pipe boxes were located this being a timber wall could not be rising damp we discovered a leaking pipe in the pipe box in the bathroom which we repaired.

No damp readings were recorded anywhere in the property.

Wise up and ensure you get the correct specification and only pay for exactly what works/Treatments are required see the Hall of Shame exposed by Which Magazine Wise Up. and do not be taken in by the Wise Guys.

We fixed the external Down pipe out side the front of the Building and internally we carefully removed the damp areas of plaster using hoovers to catch the dust we fitted cavity membrane sheeting to the damp walls allowing the dampness to dry out naturally behind the sheeting we then plastered the treated areas and re decorated to match the existing finish.

The Surveyor returned to check the property and with us supplying our Report and Guarantee the damp clause was removed from the property and the 3 on the report reduced to a 1.

The flat was sold 2 weeks after we completed our Treatments and works for a fraction of time inconvenience and costs quoted by another Specialist Contractor.

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