Dry Rot Treatments at Drum Street Edinburgh.

Client Ross Barr Joinery. Ross Barr Joinery

He had been asked by one of his clients to try to sort out a house sale that had fallen through because dry rot had been picked up at the survey the sale was agreed and it would proceed if the problem could be rectified and Guarantees be provided.

The buyer was getting cold feet so we had to move quick we were out within the hour and got Ross and his team to uplift the floors and strip the walls so we could establish the full extent of the attack.

We spent the day mucking in to get to the end of the rot attack we established the full extent of the attack and prepared a specification of Works for Ross and his guys to undertake and provided our report for our treatments the same day.

Prices and time scales were agreed and the job started the following day we were on site to help with the strip out and carry out our Treatments as and when required.

Joists were cut back and replaced walls were bored and treated with fungicide and with our supervision the job was completed within 4 days on Time and on Budget.

We provided the Report and Guarantees to the buyers WC And the Green light for the sale was given and the sale went through a few days later.By working as a Team we helped out the vendor and got a sale through which was on the verge of collapse.

This is just one example of many jobs we have done like this that have rescued a house sale collapse.