Basement waterproofing and sump pump installation for Scotclans Scottish Clans Tartans Kilts Crests and Gifts at an insurance job on this property due to a burst external water main the basement was flooded with six inches of water and the high water table in this Area of Edinburgh was creating a headache when trying to work out a permanent solution to the problem.

We ended up excavating a 1 metre deep and one metre square pit in the centre of the basement waterproofing the pit and installing a sump pump we formed a new concrete floor with run off gradients so all water would run into the new created run off area.

A New over fitted timber floor was fitted the would allow the water to still enter the building fabric and feed into the new drainage pit where the new sump pump would be connected into the drainage pipes and pump the water away.

The job was supervised by GAB Robins

We worked with the loss adjusters to complete the job on time and on budget as speedily as possible as every day the business was closed it was costing our client money.

We have vast experience of specifying and surveying these type of problems where flooding and Water damage was been caused to business and domestic properties and will work 7 days a week in order to get the works done as quickly as possible.